3:50 am Update: A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for areas roughly from Quincy to Danville southward; areas north of there are under a Winter Weather Advisory. The threat of heavy snow continues to increase, with potential for 6-8 inches in much of central and southeast Illinois. The heaviest snow is likely along a Jacksonville to Mattoon line, southwest into Missouri. Travel across our area during the daylight should be OK, though conditions will quickly deteriorate this evening.

People from Peoria to Mt. Vernon will likely see at least six inches of snow by the time the latest winter storms peters out, but some of those in between could see a lot more.

The bull's-eye for this latest winter storm is a band the stretches from I-64 in the south to just about I-80 in the north.

And meteorologist Ed Shimon with the National Weather Service said those in the middle will see the worst of it.

"There's a definite pocket of the highest amounts extending from St. Louis to the north about 50 miles, and then extending across central Illinois," he said. "So, in that area, upward of a foot is possible."

Shinon said places as far north as Peoria and as far south as Mt. Vernon could see six inches of snow.

The snow is expected to heavy and wet.

"It's not going to be overly wet, but the amount is going to make it pretty heavy," Shimon said. "You're going to get compaction when you have snow totals up above six to seven inches."

Shimon said the snow will start, in earnest, Friday evening and won't stop till sometime late Saturday or Saturday night.


An industry veteran with two decades of experience in media, Benjamin Yount reports on Illinois statewide issues for INN.

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