FILE - Frank Lloyd Wright

For a lot of people the list of Illinois' best artists and architects of the past 200 years is a list of Frank Lloyd Wright and some other people. 

Chris Wills with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library said many of the names on the list are not well known, even if their work is. 

"This is an area where people aren't terribly familiar with the nominees," Wills said. "I guess the good point is that they don't enter the voting with a lot of preconceived notions and say 'I've going to vote for this because they're my absolute favorite,' whether they are the best or not."

Wills said one artist on the list that a lot of people in Illinois know by his work is Lorado Taft.

"He did two pieces that really are most visible," Wills said. "One is the Blackhawk statue up in northern Illinois. It is this immense statue of an Indian that over looks the Rock River. And the other is the Alma Mater statue at the University of Illinois."

Wills said there are other artists and architects that people have an opportunity learn about, perhaps for the first time, on the list. 

Voting is open until midday Friday at

Next week voters will pick the state's best actors and actresses. 


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