Lincoln site closed website

The Lincoln Home website has a notice of the federal government shutdown. 

The partial government shutdown means some visitors to Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield are leaving disappointed, but the managers at Lincoln's presidential museum are looking to change that.

Lincoln's Home is a National Park. Meaning the federal government oversees it.

Lincoln's presidential library and museum is a state asset. Meaning it's not closed during the partial government shutdown.

Chris Wills with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum said officials are considering a plan to have employees from Lincoln's museum head over to Lincoln's home so both can stay open.

"Everybody here at the presidential library appreciates the work done at the Abraham Lincoln home. It's a wonderful place that really helps people understand Lincoln," Wills said. "And with it being closed, we really just wanted to offer to help."

Wills said there are a lot of details that would have to be ironed out, but the most likely scenario would be that museum volunteers and staff would work at the home until it reopens.

"The general concept is that the many volunteers who help out here at the presidential library, a few of them could go over and help at the Lincoln home under the supervision of state employees," Wills said. "And then we would also deal with trash pickup and maintenance and things like that."

A National Park Service spokesman said this week that agency officials will consider the offer, but haven't made any decisions yet.


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